Komo Duet 100




  • 360 Watt industrial motor grinds 100g of wheat per minute
  • 1200g (wheat) hopper capacity
  • 200g (oats/flakes) hopper capacity
  • Beechwood Construction
  • Made in Austria

KoMo Duet 100

In the DUET 100 combination device, the solid Fidibus Classic and the low-noise Flocman have a permanent bond. The flaker works as quiet as a whisper and has a squeezing mechanism with beveled and naturally nickel-free stainless steel rollers. For cleaning, it can be removed with a handle and without additional tools.

Do you like to experiment with new types of grain? Then the integrated Flocman Flaker is right for you. With its adjustable grinder, the density of flakes can be easily adjusted.

The 360 ​​watt industrial motor of the integrated grain mill Fidibus Classic provides the right power to grind hard grain.  The funnel holds 1200 g of grist and converts it effortlessly into 100 g of fine flour per minute.